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This He Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia For Health Benefits dots Specific Body Parts

IAHTA - Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia is a kind of therapy and alternative medicine popular in Indonesian society today. Cupping therapy is the treatment of health through spending bad blood in the skin layer. For those of you who have never been this therapy, would sound so painful but apparently cupping therapy has many benefits of its own to health. Well, want to know what are the benefits of cupping? Below is an explanation.

Actually there are two kinds of cupping therapy, including cupping dry and wet cupping. Dry Cupping is usually performed on someone who is afraid of blood and injections, by membekam skin to appear red and dusky up to 3 days, then suck the skin and massaged in the surrounding area. While the wet bruise after bruise itself performed dry. Wet Cupping is usually wearing a sharp needle to be able to issue a bad blood on the body through at the bruise.

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia Benefit For Body Health

benefits Cupping

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia is a medical therapy to cure various diseases. With cupping therapy is already so long known in Indonesian society in particular. There are many benefits for health bruise that can be generated through this cupping therapy. Actually there are as many as 350 points typically are used in cupping therapy. However, from some point there was only 12 points the most commonly used in this cupping therapy, including three in the head, neck, chest, legs and waist.

There are a number of diseases that can be cured by cupping therapy, including depression, heart disease, skin disease, neurological disorders, vertigo, kidney failure, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, and so forth. Because of these benefits, often many people are choosing alternative healing with this cupping therapy than go to the hospital. For cupping therapy is not only more practical, but also does not require a lot of funds to do so.

Usually the disease is categorized as mild, such as for example, back pain, sore skin and so on, then simply do cupping therapy a few times, which is 1 times a month maximum. As for treating severe diseases, then cupping therapy needs to be done repeatedly with routine, until the disease is completely cured. DI where various kinds of disease certainly require recovery time varies.

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia Benefits For Heart

Benefits bruise to the heart itself was remarkable. As we know, the cause of the heart attack that high cholesterol levels found in blood and clog the blood flow in either toward or away from the heart. Thus, using this method of cupping therapy, the blood is dirty with cholesterol content in it can be removed, so that it can help to minimize and eliminate the bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Benefits of Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia For Head

Cupping therapy in the head can provide benefits that are so incredible. As for some of the benefits bruise to the head is able to treat migraines, overcome dizziness, cure vertigo, cure stroke, overcome the interference of magic, overcoming dental pain, overcome Parkinson normalize hypertensive disorders, educate the brain, improving concentration, treat disease in the nose, ears and eyes and so forth.

Benefits Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia For Face

In addition to the head and the heart, not a few people also do a bruise on her face. The benefits of this facial cupping them can cope with acne, lifting the bacteria on the face and nourish the skin on the face with the blood circulation to the skin. The benefits of cupping next face can make your skin healthier, brighter and radiant.

So, for those of you who want to have a healthy body and beautiful skin, then the alternative cupping therapy can be your choice!

Why do we have to do Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia ?

IAHTA -  healthy body and a sharp mind is an important factor in an individual's life for the sake of carrying out the responsibilities of life them.But if too much dirt / toxic will cause the Static Blood (Blood Blockage), in which the blood system is not running smoothly. This situation will gradually disrupt a person's physical and mental health. As a result, a person will feel lazy, moody, often complain less healthy, easily bored, and always feel depressed.

It will be even worse where someone will be emotionally disturbed, if there are a lot of wind in the blood that is hard to be issued so that should receive psychiatric care.

Thus Static Blood should be removed by any means, just a bruise which can act emit toxic-toxic it quickly, so our bodies are not weak and vulnerable to various diseases.

Rasulullah SAW : Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia requires his people in every month ie from the 15th until the 21st of the month Qomariah, or at least once in a lifetime. The benefit Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia: remove the dirty blood, ease the body and sharpens .

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW IN Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia

* Practice Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia  must go through formal training danpraktikal sufficient with guidance from those who have experienced or expert.

* Before Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia others feel with membekam yourself.

* For starters do not ever do a bruise without the supervision of an expert.

* Before doing Cupping did Preliminary Examination or diagnoses such as blood pressure, pulse, face, tongue, hands, etc.

EQUIPMENT Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia

In this age of the Prophet, he used the glass in the form of high-cup or bowl.

In ancient China they call Cupping as "Horn Care" for horn replaces the glass.

In the period of 18th century European people use leeches as a tool Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia.

There is also the use of glass or reed, but this technique requires fire to evaporate these instruments to obtain a vacuum state.

Benefits Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia Overcoming 72 Kinds of Diseases

The benefits of Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia therapy cupping or cupping has been chosen by the people to overcome the disease. Treatment by removing toxins in the blood is able to overcome the 72 kinds of diseases.

Cupping or alhijamah / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia is a treatment technique by throwing dirty blood or harmful toxins from the body through the skin surface. Alhijamah words derived from Arabic which means the release of impure blood. The term is derived from the Malay language bruise. In Indonesia, this alternative treatment is also known by the term letterhead or cantuk. Glance bruise was creepy because it looks bleeding under the skin. When in fact it's not scary. In cupping therapy, blood taken is the blood in the dermis (cuticle) and not of the blood vessels.
There are two type of Cupping Therapy

In Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia therapy are two types, cupping dry and wet cupping. Mamfaat dry cupping is to relieve pain in an emergency. Can also be used to ease the aching muscles of his back for rheumatic pain and backache. Dry Cupping is good for people who can not stand the injection needles and fear the sight of blood. Dibekam skin will appear red blackish for 3 days. Dry cupping is done by sucking the surface of the skin and massage the surrounding area without removing the dirty blood.

While the wet cupping done after dry cupping. So after dry cupping, we injure the surface of the skin with sharp needles, and surrounding inhaled by cupping tool set and a hand pump to remove impure blood from the body. The duration of each suction 3 to 5 minutes and a maximum of 9 minutes. Then the dirty blood is discarded. exploitation of not more than 7 times. Dirty blood in the form of dark red blood and bubbly. During the 3 hours after the bruise, bruised skin that it should not be splashed with water.

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia treatment is not difficult, just so you know the location of the disease points insyaallah can do cupping therapy. According to the theory of cupping, there are more than 350 points in the human body. But in medical practice only 12 main points that have been harshly touch treatment, namely in the area of ​​the neck, head, waist, chest and legs. At the head there are three main points: one point and two points ummu mughits qomahduah.

Umm mughits on the head of a major point cupping, which is also the meeting point of hundreds throughout the body, such as vertigo, polyps, ear nerve disorders, skin diseases, depression, until the interference of black magic or witchcraft.
Overcoming Illness Benefit Cupping Light Up Weight

While the back of the neck part, precisely between the hair and ears, there is a point quamahduah. "Qomahduah and ummu mughits point is a point that has always worked in a therapy. Touch on another point required in accordance with the patient's complaints, "cupping can treat almost all diseases. " Prophet Muhammad hinted that cupping can treat 72 kinds of diseases , from severe such as stroke, liver, kidney, heart, asthma, high blood pressure, cholesterol, to mild, such as colds,"

For severe disease, cupping process can not be done once, but many times. This is due to the healing process of this therapy gradually. So once therapy is instantly healed. However, any treatment should be gradual, not once treated immediately healed. Special stroke patients, new patients when attacked directly dibekam stroke. The points are cupped also not just located in the back, but also on the feet and hands. Cupping is not only done if already ill. A healthy person can be in cupping, so that his body could remain fresh or to maintain stamina.

Lifestyle of today's society, the less healthy, so stamina is decreased and fell ill. "Eating foods that contain preservatives, dyes, or fast food, pollution, unwittingly already make the body unhealthy, and resulted in a buildup of toxins in the body. These toxins can be removed through cupping ". Many benefits can be obtained even though the patient is not experiencing a particular illness that requires treatment. "After cupping, so smooth blood circulation and increases the body's immunity so because of dirty blood has been discarded."

Nevertheless, cupping should not be done in a period which is nearby. Most fast once a month. "Because of this bruise suck stamina," That's why, not just anyone can do cupping therapy. Children under 3 years old, the elderly and people with low blood are not recommended because they do not have a good stamina. "That is why, ideally before cupping, patients should check blood pressure and blood sugar tests beforehand. if the blood sugar levels above 500 to 700 then avoid wet cupping "

Natural treatments such as cupping, is believed to have no side effects than treatment with drugs kimia.effect arising after Cupping is usually a bit feverish. "Actually this is not a side effect, but rather on the reaction of the body becomes a little fever or slight nausea. That is because the body adapts returned after the liberation of the blood that had been blocked. And because siphon stamina, after cupping is recommended to not engage in intercourse for two days. Stamina in order to quickly return, patients are advised to consume honey and drink sweet drinks "

Benefits of Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia for Health in the Head, Face and Heart

IAHTA - Did you know that the benefits of cupping is very powerful? To the extent that all diseases can be solved with a solution of cupping therapy. Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa the currently booming done to cure a variety of diseases, even the most powerful cupping point is at the head.

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa is beneficial to help cure a variety of diseases, both associated with the head or not. Cupping itself is an ancient treatment known throughout the world. The method of treatment done with this cupping is to suck. This treatment has been widely practiced in many countries, such as China, Europe, India and America.

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa For Health Benefits

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa for health benefits have been widely demonstrated, this treatment is done by siphoning most of the skin surface using a special tool. After a while, it will display the blood coming out from under the skin.

But basically bruise divided into two types, namely wet cupping and dry cupping. Cupping the blood that wet cupping whereas dry cupping just suck without bloodletting. Both equally can be used to cure various diseases.

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa benefits in Chief
As already described, the bruise on the head is a treatment that is extraordinary. Here are the benefits of a bruise on the head which can be obtained by:

- Treating migraine

- Treating stroke

- Treating pain dizziness

- Lowering high blood pressure or hypertension normalize

- Curing Parkinson

- Healing vertigo

- Treating Acne

- Disorders of magic

- Treating toothache

- Treating eye problems, nose and ears

- Feeding the brain and improve memory

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia is done at the head of which is to issue a hazardous material on the part of the head or around the head.

Cupping Benefits For Heart
Generally, cupping is beneficial for health is to remove bad blood or blood that has been contaminated by toxins. After performing cupping the blood circulation can walk again.

In addition, the benefits of cupping to the heart that can be heart healthy. In accordance with other benefits bruise that can improve the function of organs, tissues or by repairing damaged body cells to return to normal. Another benefit of cupping to health by adding the antibodies that kill the germs that cause disease.

Benefits Cupping Face
Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia face too many do, the benefits of cupping face of which is to remove the bacteria in the face, preventing the growth of acne and nourish the skin with blood circulation in the face and surrounding smoothly.

By doing bruise on the face, then you can have clear skin, healthy and radiant and free from acne annoying. Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia is very good for curing various diseases, is no exception to obtain a beautiful face and radiant. That's some bruise benefits that can be delivered, may be able to add insight for you all.

How Sterilization of Medical Devices

understanding; An act to kill pathogenic germs and apatogen along the spores on treatment and medical equipment by boiling, stoom, high heat, or use chemicals.

The type of equipment which can be sterilized:
Equipment made of metal, such as tweezers, scissors, speculum and others.
Equipment made of glass, for example syringe (syringe), chemical tube and others.
The equipment is made of rubber, for example, catheters, gloves, gastric probe pipe, drain and others.
Equipment made of ebonite, for example kanule rectum, kanule trachea and others.
Equipment made of email, for example bent (nierbekken), basin and others.
Equipment made of porcelain, such as bowls, cups, plates and others.
Equipment made of plastic, for example slang i8nfus and others.
Equipment made of woven, for example gauze, tampon, doek surgery, clothes, bed sheets, pillowcases and others.

(1) Sterilization by means boiled
Mensterikan equipment by boiling in water until boiling (1000C) and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Eg equipment from metal, glass and rubber.
(2) Sterilization by means stoom
Mensterikan equipment with hot steam inside the autoclave with time, temperature and pressure. For example looms, pharmaceuticals and others.
(3) Sterilization by means of dry heat
Mensterikan equipment with high heat oven with steam. Eg sharp metal utensils, glassware and certain medications.
(4) Sterilization by using chemicals
Mensterikan equipment using chemicals such as alcohol, sublimat, formalin vapors, especially for equipment that quickly broken when the heat kene. For example gloves, catheters, and others.

(1) Sterilisator should be ready for immediate use.
(2) Equipment should be clean and masigh functioning.
(3) equipment in wrapped must be labeled clearly state the name, equipment type, date and hour sterilized.
(4) Prepare the equipment inside the sterilizer must be such that all parts can be sterilized.
(5) The time required to sterilize each type of equipment to be precise (calculated from the sterilized equipment).
(6) It is prohibited to enter or add other equipment into the sterilizer, before the time to sterilize finished.
(7) Moving equipment already sterile cage where should the korentang sterile.
(8) To cool sterile equipment is prohibited unwrapping and lid.
(9) When the new equipment is sterilized open, the equipment must be sterilized again.

Maintenance Care and Medical Equipment
Carry out maintenance of equipment and medical care by cleaning, disinfecting or sterilizing and storing.

Aim :
(1) Setting up equipment and medical care in the state ready for use.
(2) Prevent the equipment quickly broken.
(3) Prevent the occurrence of cross-infection.

a.Pemeliharaan Tools Of Metal.

Type of equipment:

For example:
(1) blade operation.
(2) Scissors.
(3) Tweezers.
(4) Kocher.
(5) Korentang.
Preparation :
(1) Equipment to be cleaned.
(2) Place whet pencucuian with water or a basin of water.
(3) soap.
(4) Brush smooth.
(5) Crooked (nierbekken).
(6) Wipe dry.
(7) A solution of disinfectant.
(8) Gauze.
(9) Stalisator ready for immediate use.

(1) The equipment has been used, rinse water (preferably under running water) to remove dirt, then soaked in a disinfectant solution for at least two hours. Special equipment that has been used in patients with contagious diseases, must be soaked for at least 24 hours.
(2) Hardware disabuni satuper one, then rinsed. Furthermore sterilized by boiling in the sterilizer that has been filled with water to taste, cooked until boiling. After the water boils at 15 minutes = Lack newly appointed.
(3) The equipment has been sterilized, removed or moved to the place penyiumpanan korentang sterile sterile.
(4) Once completed, the equipment is cleaned, in \ clean up and returned to the place originally.
Special equipment sharp metal (eg, knives, scissors, needles, etc.) must first be wrapped with gauze, and then inserted into the sterilizer, after boiling water and three to five minutes ditungguantara newly appointed.

b.Pemeliharaan Equipment of Glass.

Type of equipment:
For example:
(1) Catheter.
(2) suction mucus baby
(3) syringes.
Preparation :
(1) Equipment to be cleaned.
(2) The washing with water flowing ataubaskom clean water.
(3) The soap
(4) Brush smooth.
(5) Crooked (nierbekken).
(6) Wipe dry.
(7) A solution of disinfectant.
(8) Kais gauze.
(9) Sterilisator ready for immediate use.
(10) Sticks of cotton

Same with implementation of equipment maintenance ligam dai. But a special syringe, the plunger is removed and the needle is removed, and then each tool wrapped with gauze, and after it had entered into a sterilizer that has been filled with water and diltakkan side by side.

c.Pemeliharaan Tools Of Rubber.

Type of equipment:
For example:
(1) catheter.
(2) Pipe gastric probe or maagslang.
(3) Drain.
Preparation :
(1) Equipment to be cleaned.
(2) The washing with water or basin.
(3) soap.
(4) Crooked (nierbekken).
(5) syringes.
(6) Cotton clean and place.
(7) A solution of disinfectant.
(8) Sterilisator ready for immediate use.

(1) the equipment is cleaned and if there are traces of plastic is removed with a clean cotton.
(2) Section therein are cleaned with water squirted from a syringe or running water as he massaged-massage thoroughly.
(3) Once clean, the equipment and then soaked in a disinfectant solution for at least two hours, then disabuni and rinsed.
(4) After boiling water in the sterilizer, the equipment is inserted and left between five samapai ten minutes, then removed with sterile korentang. After that equipment be kept sterile.
(5) Once completed, the equipment is cleaned, cleared and restored to its original place.
d.Pemeliharaan glove hand.

Preparation :
(1) gloves dirty (the former is used).
(2) The washing with running water or a basin of water.
(3) soap.
(4) Dry wipe or towel.
(5) Powder usual.
(6) Tablet formalin taste.
(7) Drum or a sealed jar.

(1) Gloves cleaned and disabinu the outside and inside, then rinsed.
(2) Gloves examined whether leak or not, by means of air entering into it, then dipped into the water. If the leak is separated.
(3) Once clean, glove dried by hanging them upside down or langsungdikeringkan outside and inside with a towel or a dry cloth.
(4) Give thin powder evenly the outside and inside.
(5) Gloves arranged or rolled up in pairs or groups separated eg one piece left or right. When separated left or right, must be given a clear identification label on a drum or a jar each of which shows the right or left, as well as the date and time of commencement of sterilization.
(6) Gloves and then inserted into the drum or jars already containing formalin tablet to be sterilized for 24 hours from when it is inserted. To drum or jar the size of one liter of formalin used four 50 gram tablet.
(7) Upon completion, the equipment is cleaned, cleared and returned to the place originally.

Cupping Instrument Sterilization Method Manual

IAHTA - After cupping tool is used, then it's reusable cupping tools should be cleaned and sterilized. The sterilization process is very important to maintain hygienic means of cupping. Moreover, it involves bloodletting cupping which is actually a very risky transmit disease. Therefore the sterilization process proper and correct their absolutely essential. In this article we will share about how the sterilization of cupping and proper way of cupping economical sterilization.

Interest Sterilization
1.Membunuh germs (viral or bacterial) bloodborne previous patient.
2.Membersihkan tools from traces of blood and olive oil used in membekam.
Cupping Instrument Sterilization Method:
1.Kop already used soaked in a solution of NaClO (Chlorine) 5% and water at a ratio of 1 part chlorine and 9 parts water. Chlorine bleach can be obtained from commercially available as bayklin, Soklin bleach or proklin.
2. Soak letterhead for at least 15 minutes for the former patients who did not develop virus- disease such as hepatitis, herpes or HIV, or at least 24 hours for patients with viral diseases. In this case before membekam required to ask the patient's medical history.
3. Kop then washed using dishwashing soap just as sunlight or mama lemon, dry.
3. Drain and soak header with hot water +/- 5 minutes and then removed and
4. Kop sprayed a solution of 70% alcohol and pat dry with paper towels.
5. Kop ready for use, if it will save it to a protected area.

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