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Benefits of Cupping for Health in the Head, Face and Heart

IAHTA - Did you know that the benefits of cupping is very powerful? To the extent that all diseases can be solved with a solution of cupping therapy. Cupping the currently booming done to cure a variety of diseases, even the most powerful cupping point is at the head.

Cupping is beneficial to help cure a variety of diseases, both associated with the head or not. Cupping itself is an ancient treatment known throughout the world. The method of treatment done with this cupping is to suck. This treatment has been widely practiced in many countries, such as China, Europe, India and America.

Cupping For Health Benefits


Cupping for health benefits have been widely demonstrated, this treatment is done by siphoning most of the skin surface using a special tool. After a while, it will display the blood coming out from under the skin.

But basically bruise divided into two types, namely wet cupping and dry cupping. Cupping the blood that wet cupping whereas dry cupping just suck without bloodletting. Both equally can be used to cure various diseases.

Cupping benefits in Chief

As already described, the bruise on the head is a treatment that is extraordinary. Here are the benefits of a bruise on the head which can be obtained by:

- Treating migraine

- Treating stroke

- Treating pain dizziness

- Lowering high blood pressure or hypertension normalize

- Curing Parkinson

- Healing vertigo

- Treating Acne

- Disorders of magic

- Treating toothache

- Treating eye problems, nose and ears

- Feeding the brain and improve memory

Cupping is done at the head of which is to issue a hazardous material on the part of the head or around the head.

Cupping Benefits For Heart

Generally, cupping is beneficial for health is to remove bad blood or blood that has been contaminated by toxins. After performing cupping the blood circulation can walk again.

In addition, the benefits of cupping to the heart that can be heart healthy. In accordance with other benefits bruise that can improve the function of organs, tissues or by repairing damaged body cells to return to normal. Another benefit of cupping to health by adding the antibodies that kill the germs that cause disease.

Benefits Cupping Face

Cupping face too many do, the benefits of cupping face of which is to remove the bacteria in the face, preventing the growth of acne and nourish the skin with blood circulation in the face and surrounding smoothly.

By doing bruise on the face, then you can have clear skin, healthy and radiant and free from acne annoying. Cupping is very good for curing various diseases, is no exception to obtain a beautiful face and radiant. That's some bruise benefits that can be delivered, may be able to add insight for you all.

Labels and Terminology Cupping

Educational Therapists Cupping -
Cupping is a therapeutic treatment that has existed since ancient times and this therapy has been growing throughout the world. Cupping has so many terms in some parts of the world. However, the term Business Cupping cupping cupping mean not in the vocabulary of the German language that have meaning but the term has a bruise the Business Cupping cupping mean in the world of natural medicine.

- Baguan, baguar, bentusa and mambakan terms bruise in Malay
- Badhakesh and Pa Hou Kuan cupping term in Swahili
- Banki / bahnkes terms bruise in Hungarian
- Kavaa and Singhi term cupping Finnish
- Cupping, Fire Bottle, buhang, kyukaku, Hijama, and mihceme term cupping in English
- Hijamah cupping term in Arabic
- Canduk, cantuk / Canthuk and cupping cupping term in Java / Indonesia

While cupping by language is cupped or mengekop job. So very wrong if in wikipedia Indonesia said that the bruise on the language is bleeding.

As for the definition of the term cupping a lot of some people / experts cupping treatment or the nations of the world are on definitions vary even though the essence remains the same.

Here are some definitions that can bruise bruise businesses show here:
"Cupping is bleeding from the skin by suction continued with a light incision on the outer skin and do pengekopan / suction again so the blood out and can produce cure diseases with the permission of Allah"

"Cupping is a form of alternative medicine therapy ancient China where the practice of the therapy by way of local suction on the skin area by using the heat from the fire or mechanical means in order to move the blood flow so that the purpose of healing can be achieved"

"Cupping is a method of treatment using a tube or glass face down on the skin to enable the local dam. This is caused by the negative pressure inside the tube before the objects were burned and inserted into the tube to enable the collection of local blood. Then the blood is removed from the skin with which inhaled purpose of it all is to increase the circulation of energy / Chi / Qi and blood / Xie, analgesic effect, reduces swelling and expel pathogenic cold winds and moist air (red: fire cupping) "

Things that should be avoided as well as errors when Hijamah / Bekam


Actually, in general hijamah is safe and easy to do by anyone as long as the penghijamah have to equip themselves with the basic knowledge about abstinence hijamah and mistakes are often made especially for beginners penghijamah.


Here is a condition that must be avoided to do hijamah:
  • Avoid menghijamah patients who physically very weak, is experiencing severe fatigue and who had blood pressure <80mmHg. This can cause a patient's risk of shock / fainting.Similarly, you should avoid to menghijamah patients already decrepit and weak physical as well as children whose bodies are weak / under 3 years old.
  • Avoid menghijamah pregnant women in the first 3 months of pregnancy (first trimester).  Do not menghijamah women who are menstruation and post-partum women because in these conditions was a lot of blood  naturally  so feared would weaken his physical condition. Do not do hijamah just above the abdomen of pregnant women.
  • Not recommended menghijamah patients in the stomach satiety, thirst, hunger, fatigue, after the move, the body is weak and the body of a fever (chills).
  • Do not do hijamah immediately after a large meal (hijamah to do at least two hours after eating).  After hijamah also do not start eating, but only drink sweet such as honey or otherwise.
  • Do not do hijamah immediately after bathing, especially after a shower with cold water. Not recommended immediately shower after hijamah, but after 2 hours. Recommended bathing with warm water.
  • Avoid doing hijamah wet in patients with leukemia (blood cancer), hepatitis with severe, active tuberculosis, HIV / ODA, hemophilia, malignant anemia, thrombocytopenia, patients with abnormal heart valve / who uses a pacemaker  and other diseases that seriously except by experts hijamah that experienced and with a doctor's supervision.

  • Hijamah wet is not advised in people with diabetes when blood sugar levels (GDS) above 250mg / dL  except by penghijamah skilled and experienced.
  • Do not wet menghijamah give patients new blood donors or people who are just accidents so that the blood is reduced.
  • Avoid menghijamah patients suffering from skin diseases prevalent or severe skin allergies such as  ulcerations  (sores scab wet / pus) and edema.

  • Avoid menghijamah patients who are taking blood-thinning medications (such as heparin).  Hijamah can be done after the patient has stopped 48 sebelummnya advance these drugs.

  • Do menghijamah directly on the injured area, tendons torn joints, fractures, tumors and varicose veins.  Hijamah in case of varicose veins do several centimeters around the damaged blood vessels.
  • Do not be too hard memberkam abdominal area.  The abdomen is very weak due to the muscle layer is very thin.
  • Avoid doing hijamah body parts below:  Hole natural body (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, genitals, anus and nipples), the system area lymph node / nodes (under the armpits, groin, neck side, etc.), right above the large blood vessels.
Some of the points above is actually still be done by an expert hijamah professional, experienced as well as for the supervision of a competent doctor.


Errors in hijamah could be due to lack of knowledge about the physiological anatomy of the body, limited knowledge about the disease and how to work and mechanisms hijamah.Hijamah itself is one of the main medical action (minor surgery), therefore it must forward the process hijamah medical standardization.  Examples of errors hijamah among others:
1.     Preparation of patients is lacking.  Before hijamah a penghijamah should check the general condition and the patient's illness. Examination of blood pressure (tension) is an examination of the minimum that must be done. Errors at this point could harm the patient, especially if the conditions are being dropped.
Ignoring the problem history of illnesses suffered by patients such as those with diabetes, hepatitis, AIDS, etc., can lead to the risk of contracting the disease in patients and penghijamah.
2.     Perform hijamah in an open area outside the room or too cold. It is feared that the cut hijamah be  exposed to dust / dirt flying. It is also not advisable to do hijamah in a place with good air circulation is deficient / stuffy. Do not turn on the fan / blower just above patients who are dihijamah.

3.     Ignore sterility.  Many rely solely penghijamah letterhead sterilization processes and tools hijamah on detergent, bleach, boiling water or alcohol. He does not have a standard tool sterilizer led to the high risk of infection with bacteria during hijamah.

4.     Equipment perfunctory.  In practice hijamah, many of the experts hijamah only modest use tools without regard to hygiene factors and environmental instruments, sterilization and higenisnya,  such as the use wipes to clean the blood, especially for toilet tissue rolls.  The result appears response hijamah adversely applied in general. Every ill patients with a history of hepatitis, drugs, and HIV-AIDS (ODA) should have its own equipment bruise separated by other patients.

5.     Using a razor blade or a needle.  Both of these tools are not entirely standard medical devices designed to perform medical actions hijamah. The resulting injuries are potentially infectious and contaminated materials contained on the surface of the metal blade and needle.

6.     Error in determining hijamah point.   In addition to ineffective, limited knowledge of the exact location of the point hijamah which will affect the results significantly hijamah. Some penghijamah beginners often just do hijamah hijamah limited to the point that's it, whereas the point hijamah has evolved.
7.     Myth "the more points the faster hijamah cured".  Too many points during hijamah hijamah not mean making more effective but the truth is selecting the right point is key to the achievement of objectives hijamah.

8.     Too long menghijamah at one point.  Suction cupping exceeding 20 minutes can cause side effects the release of  the bull  (bag of clear liquid such as smallpox). This can lead to complaints pain and risk of infection.
9.     Make an incision wounds are too deep.  This will not only slow healing wounds also raises the risk of the large blood vessels that can arise bleeding.

10.  It should be fasting before hijamah.  In certain patients where the condition of his being dropped then fasting could harm the patient. Should eat 2 hours before hijamah, within the expected time food digestion process is largely complete, and could reduce the risk of "blacked out" due hijamah.
Thus the discussion hijamah material for this edition may be useful, Hopefully will continue in the next edition. If there is a problem that is not yet clear and will ask then you can contact the editors. Baarokallaahu fiikum.

History Of Bekam Or Hijamah

Cupping has been known since ancient times, the royal Sumerian , then continue to grow until Babylon , ancient Egypt , Saba , and Persia . At the time of the Prophet Muhammad , he uses a buffalo or cow horn, camel bone, ivory.

In ancient China they call hijamah as "care horn" for horn replaces the glass. In the period of the 18th century (13th century AH), people in Europe use leeches as a tool for hijamah. At one time, 40 million leeches imported into the country of France for that purpose. Leeches dilaparkan without food. So when attached to the human body that is sick, he will continue to suck the blood had been effectively. Once full, the leeches are not trying again to move, then fell and ended the penghisapannya.

A herbalist Ge Hong (281-341 AD) in his book A Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies use animal horns to membekam / remove the boil that is called the technique "jiaofa", whereas during the Tang Dynasty , cupping is used to treat pulmonary tuberculosis. In the period of the 18th century (13th century AH), people in Europe use the leech (al alaq) as a means to bruise and known as leech therapy, such practices are still done up to now.

Now the treatment is modified with a perfect and easy to use in accordance with scientific principles by using a tool that is practical and effective. Mentioned by Curtis N, J (2005), in the article Management of Urinary tract Infections: historical perspective and current strategies: Part 1-before antibiotics. Journal of Urology. 173 (1): 21-26, January 2005. That's oldest medical records Ebers Papyrus , written around 1550 BC in ancient Egypt mention the problem of cupping. [1]

Hippocrates (460-377 BC), Celsus (53 BC-7 M), Aulus Cornelius Galen (200-300 AD) popularized the direct disposal of blood vessels for the treatment of his day. In conducting the treatment techniques, the amount of blood that came out quite a lot, so it is not infrequently the patient unconscious. This method is also commonly used by the Roman , Greek , Byzantine and Italian by monks who believed in the success and usefulness.


Body Not Easy Sign Wind Again After Doing Cupping Therapy Cupping Center On By Ustadz Galih Gumelar

www.iahta.org -  Cupping  which is now the main treatment and therapy, has a lot to prove keberkahannya in treating and curing various diseases with the permission of Allah. 

One disease that is very common and can disappear with therapy  cupping  is frequent colds diseases. Many patients who come for treatment to Cupping Center complained about this disease, when it was scraped, has been drinking herbal medicine, has been taking medicine but still wind does not go away, even increased.

"Wind in the body does not work by drugs but should be disposed manually, and if not disposed of it will continue to grow-grow which will consequently lead to serious illness in the body, ranging from fever, muriang, sore, exhausted sluggish even until the blockage is capable of causing strokes and rheumatism, "said Ustadz Galih Gumelar as found in Cupping Center  when practice. 

when responding to a statement cleric Galih Gumelar, and whether  cupping  is the best method to catch a cold." when colds only a common cold or still in categories of normal, God willing, with scrapings or drinking ginger or heating can be stopped, but if the wind is in the body has been in a long time and in a certain time is also not issued / treated, then  cupping  is the best therapy to remove the wind in the body , wind long in tubuhlah that today many make the young fell stroke "said Usatdz Galina. 

He also" When therapy  cupping  has been committed against them are often cold then Inshallah habits scrapings, drinking cold medicine and so will not be required again, because by doing bruise for colds, immune be increased so that the agency / body does not easily catch cold again " 

so if so very worthwhile once  bruise  healing and against wind. 

Source:  http://www.bekamtangerang.com/ 2012/07 / entity-not-in-the-wind again-setelah.html

How to Make Sea Salt Pure Water Dai

www.iahta.org - Indonesia as a maritime country, clearly has a lot of natural wealth. However, all marine resources in Indonesia, yet maximal and optimal management. A very simple example is the natural wealth of the sea water itself.
Although Indonesia is Indonesia is a maritime country, but still there are people who get mumps, the disease occurs due to lack yodium.walaupun not much. Iodine itself is usually found in the salt content.
Therefore, in this occasion we will discuss in simple pure making salt from sea water.

To make salt from sea water, requiring no modern equipment. In fact, if there is no memadaipun equipment, we can make on the sea coast sendiri.langkah - step in making salt from sea water are:

1. If you do not have land or a place to make and want to make it at the beach, then the first thing to do is clean up the beach to be used to make salt from the trash, say there was trash around the beach area.

2. If we have a place or the land will be used to make the salt have required first is to make a barrel of sand and blame one corner we leave a hole for the sea water is through distillation stage.

3. After all the media are ready, then step is to enter the sea water beriktnya slowly into the barrel of sea sand. Then, the desalination of sea sand vat is collected in a bucket.

4. The next step is to pour water into this distillery but long shaped box, but the length of the box can be adjusted to our liking, distilled water and then we pour it into a box with a depth of 1 segment telunjuk.hal serve water to dry quickly when it dries. 5. Then, after water is poured, then the final stage of drying in the scorching rays matahari.Dalam this drying process, the water will evaporate and the water level is low because evaporates, leaving room grains - grains of pure salt is ready for harvest. 6. The latter is to collect grains - grains of salt, to be further processed for use in accordance with our needs. Thus a brief overview of the process of making a simple salt. Easy - hopefully pleasing and rewarding.

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