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Cupping handle 72 kinds of diseases

International Alhijamah Therapist Association - www.i-ata. org - or cupping Cupping therapy has been chosen by the people to overcome illness. Treatment by removing toxins in the blood is able to cope with 72 kinds of diseases.Cupping is a technique or alhijamah treatment with blood throwing dirty or harmful toxins from the body through the skin surface. Alhijamah words derived from Arabic which means the release of dirty blood. 
The term comes from the Malay bruise. Alternative medicine in Indonesia is also known as cupping or cantuk term. Cupping glance it looks scary because there is bleeding under the skin.When in fact it is not sordid. In cupping therapy, blood is the blood taken in the dermis (cuticle) and not a virgin on the blood vessels.

Later therapy is popular in Arab lands began to interest the people of Indonesia. Azwandi Asnawi, a bruise of clinical holistic therapist who has practiced cupping therapy since 3 years ago claimed to be interested in depth because the bruise is the recommended treatment techniques Prophet Muhammad.

There are two types
known in the two types of cupping therapy, cupping dry and wet cupping . Dry cupping efficacious for pain relief in emergencies. Can also be used to relieve pain due to the tendons back pain arthritis and back pain. Dry cupping good for people who can not stand the injection needle and fear of seeing blood. Dibekam skin will appear dusky red for 3 days. Dry cupping is done by sucking and massaging the skin surface without removing the surrounding area dirty blood.

While wet cupping done after dry cupping. So after a dry cupping, we injure the skin surface with a sharp needle, and then inhaled by means of cupping around the set and the hand pump to remove dirty blood from the body. The duration of each puff of 3 to 5 minutes and a maximum of 9 minutes. Then discarded his dirty blood. inhalation of not more than 7 times. Gross blood in the form of dark red blood and bubbly. For 3 hours after in cupping, the skin is bruised it should not be drenched with water.

According Azwandi commonly called iwan, the therapist must put kopnya fitting and appropriate diagnosis. "If liver disease should be put in place cupping her liver. This treatment is not difficult, just so you know the points where the disease, "said iwan. According to the theory bruise, there are more than 350 points in the human body. But in practice the treatment of only 12 major point that is often the object of touch treatment, ie, in the neck, head, waist, chest and legs. At the foot there are three main points: one point and two point mughits Umm quamahduah.

Umm mughits overhead is the main point of cupping, which was also a gathering of hundreds of points throughout the body, such as vertigo, polyps, ear nerve disorders, skin diseases, depression, to disruption of black magic or witchcraft.

Overcome Disease Weight Light Up
The dileher the back, exactly between the hair and ears, there is a point quamahduah. "The point quamahduah and Umm mughits a point that has always worked in a therapy. Touch on another point required in accordance with the complaints of patients, "explains iwan. Iwan said, cupping can cure almost any disease. "Prophet Muhammad indicated that cupping can treat 72 kinds of diseases, from severe such as stroke, liver, kidney, heart, asthma, high blood pressure, cholesterol, to a minor as a cold," he said.

For severe disease, iwan said the bruise can not be done once, but repeatedly. This is due to therapeutic healing process is gradual.So there is no immediate therapy cured completely. However, any treatment must be gradual, not immediate recovery once treated.Special stroke patients, people with direct dibekam attacked when a new stroke. Dibekam points not only located in the back, but also in the feet and hands. However iwan also said not only do if it is sick. A healthy person can be in the bruise, so his body can remain fresh or maintain stamina.

style of life now, which is not healthy iwan so easy decreased stamina and fell ill. "Eating foods that contain preservatives, dyes, or fast food, pollution, without realizing it had made ​​an unhealthy body, and resulted in the accumulation of toxins in the body. These toxins can be removed through a bruise ". Iwan also testified that after in cupping, many benefits can be obtained even if the patient is not certain mengalamisakit that requires treatment. "After cupping, blood circulation so smooth and so increases the body's immunity has been removed due to dirty blood." She continued.

Even so, the bruise should not be made within the adjacent. At the earliest, according iwan once a month. "Because it sucks bruise stamina," he said. That is why, not just anyone can do cupping therapy. Children under 3 years old, the elderly and people with low blood is not recommended because they do not have good stamina. "That is why, ideally before the bruise, the patient should check blood pressure monitor and blood sugar tests first. if their blood sugar levels above 500 to 700 then there should be, "he explained.

Natural treatment such as cupping, is believed to have no side effects compared to treatment with chemical drugs. According to Iwan, the symptoms that arise after the cupping is usually a bit feverish. "Actually this is not a side effect, but rather on the reaction of the body become a little bit dizzy or nauseous. That is because the body adapts after the release of blood that had been clogged. And because the sucking endurance, after cupping is recommended to not engage in sexual intercourse for two days. Stamina in order to quickly return, patients are advised to eat honey and drink sweet drinks "clearly iwan. (Ike)

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