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Benefits of Cupping / Al - Hijamah For Cancer

International Alhijamah Therapist Association - www.i-ata. org -  Most conventional doctors are trained to perform surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to treat cancer.  While the soaring cancer patients around the world every available therapy should be used.
Although there is no documented evidence that Al-Hijamah cure cancer, it is known to dramatically improve the patient's condition.  Some practitioners use it to balance the energy in the body that have been blocked by certain tumors.

 Al-Hijamah effective for smoothing the damage done to conventional therapy in patients with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  Al-Hijamah have found a place in cancer therapy, not as medicine but as a complementary therapy which helps patients feel better, detoxification, pain relief and recovery more quickly.  During chemotherapy immune system depleted and Al-Hijamah help improve and strengthen the immune system to resist further attacks. (
Cupping Therapists Association of Indonesia
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