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Blood Cupping Results

International Alhijamah Therapist Association - www.i-ata. org -The blood that comes out through the cupping process seen from the results of laboratory studies of blood. Based on that research, see the following things:

Blood that contains one-tenth bruise levels of white blood cells (leukocytes) are present in normal blood. This is evident in all cases studied, with no exceptions. This fact suggests that cupping therapy remains at the same time protect and strengthen theimmune system elements.
The erythrocytes (red blood cells), all red blood cells have an abnormal shape, meaning that these cells are not capable of doing the activity, while also inhibiting other cells arestill young and active. It is that the process of cupping mengindkasikan throw red bloodcells are damaged and blood is no longer needed to keep the white blood cells in the body.
Bonding capacity of iron in the blood cupping is very high (550-1100), one thing to point out that the bruise to maintain iron in the body do not come out with a bruise of blood ejected by the early use of iron in the formation of young cells new.
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