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HOW TO GET CERTIFICATE therapist HIJAMAH of International Alhijamah TherapistAssociation: 

  1. Come directly to the Secretariat a list of IATA or ON-Line here.
  2. If online registration could not be, then please do the registration manually by filling out aregistration form which can be manually downloaded here and after the download and then filled and send back to us via email:  along with the other requirement.
  3. Fill in the appropriate form prescribed, a special On-Line registration must have proof of certification of the transfer fee, which is loaded at the end of the column form.
  4. Attach a photocopy of identity in the form of ID Card / Driving License / Passport
  5. Attach a picture of yourself 3 x 4-colored
  6. Attach a photo or a photo of yourself where the practice when the practice
  7. The entire attachment sent via e-mail: or sent directly to the secretariat of the IATA.
  8. Cost Certification Expert Therapists Hijamah of IATA can be paid directly tothesecretariat of the IATA, or can be transferred through the ATM or cash deposit to an Account Bank Central Asia (BCA) - Branch Cikokol Tangerang Banten Indonesia with Account Number: 658-017-3053on behalf of Galih Gumelar (swift Code Bank Central Asia (BCA) : CENAIDJA)
  9. The certification process carried out at least 1 months.
  10. For registration please do it manually download the form here, then fill out the form andsend it back to us.

Types of Expertise Certification (EC) with a requirement Hijama therapist:

Main Hijamah expert
  • Have attended inservice Cupping Therapists Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Practice Expert hijamah Hijamah Skills or have a certificate from a particular institution hijamah ( If it does not have the other requirements must be meet.)
  • Following the certification test has
  • 1000 people have been dealing with patients
  • Minimum 5 years practical experience

Associate Expert Hijamah
  • Have attended inservice hijamah Therapists Code of Ethics and Code of ProfessionalPractice Expert Hijamah Hijamah Skills or have a certificate from a particular institution hijamah ( If it does not have the other requirements must be meet.)
  • Have followed the Certification Exam
  • At least 200 people have been dealing with patients.
  • Minimum 1 year working experience

Primary Hijamah expert
  • 50 people have been dealing with patients
  • Minimum of 6 months practical experience

Cost Certificate of Expertise (CE) Hijamah Therapist Certification from IATA by Type:

Council professionalism Hijama Therapist (CPHT) determine the cost of certification as follows:

Primary Hijamah expert
        $ 75 (Seventy-five U.S. dollars)
Associate Expert Hijamah
        $ 100 (One Hundred U.S. Dollars)
Main Hijamah expert
      $ 150 (One hundred and fifty U.S. dollars)

All levels of expertise for free to get an electronic certificate of membership of IATA.

(For therapists who want to have the above certificate please select or select all if they meet the requirements.)
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