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Disposing of Toxic By Hijamah

Ustadz Galih Gumelar, ST, Msi. 

Did you know that a lot of toxic body your body?

The answer is yes, everyone there is toxic in the body weight.

Toxic due to the failure of the digestive organs something to parse and digest food at its optimum. Basically nutritious foods can be toxic or toxic every time it is eaten. Had hefailed dihurai through appropriate enzyme income by nutrient quantity taken.

This requires the presence of toxic and neutralizing penghuraian which requires a doubleeffort than anything organs especially the colon. Had he not had time to be neutralized, itwill be captured and eventually into the blood system to the next more harm.

How to get rid of toxic by the more memorable?

Jawapannya Cupping is a treatment that is more memorable impression and nobyproducts.

Look at this patient's blood picture, blood or toxic bertoksid blackish color. If the leavewill invite various types of diseases in the body of our body in the future. By it lets do ithijamah kerana cupping treatment Sunnah for Muslims.
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