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Plus Minus is He scrapings

IATA. org - MANY people are always asking when the body feels pain scrape or sore due to colds. Capitalize coin plus balm, cold symptoms are generally directly ngacir. The more dark red streaks meet the back, the more satisfied the patient.

Scrapings indeed, the oldest ways to overcome the symptoms of colds. Interestingly, the simple way is not only popular in Indonesia, but also in other Asian countries. The Vietnamese call the cao giodi scrapings.
The residents called it goh kyol Cambodia. Famous in China with acupuncture, a method scrapings are also quite popular as cave ambience. The difference is, the Chinese wear jade as pengerok tool, not a coin. That said, the red color of the skin arising after scrapings are a sign the body has been possessed by excessive wind. 

The more concentrated color, a sign of too much wind that dwells in tubub. Is it true? Of course not. The red color sign of fine blood vessels (capillaries) under the skin surface so it looks as broken red trace in a scraped.Bodies of healthy people will be flushed if scraped. Because of this, many people do not believe in the efficacy of treatment scrape. 

"In western countries, scrapings complete stranger," teaching Saptawati Bardosono, doctors from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. However, medically, scrapings is one method of peripheral blood vessels to widen the cover (vasokontiksi) to be widened (vasaditilasi) . "It was not so dangerous from a primary need," said Mulyadi, doctors from the Clinic Medizone. 

If kept scrapings, as a result many small blood vessels and smooth to be broken. However, the normal level, scrapings will make cold sufferers feel comfortable because it has been off the hormone beta endofin. "Scientifically, this simple practice proven to treat symptoms of colds or cold syndrome who have symptoms of muscle pain (mialga)," said Mulyadi. Not only that, the principle not much different scrapings with a stick acupuncture needles in the body. Mulyadi intent, scrapings principle is to increase the temperature and energy in the body scrub. Increased energy is done through stimulating the body's outer skin. Source: Cash In this way, nerve receptors in the brain excitatory stimulus that will convey the correct effect on the organs of the body's meridian points. Now, in turn, blood flow in a smooth body will cause the body's defense has also increased.
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