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Scrapings: Local Wisdom

IATA - Org. Although there are modern treatment, until now the people of Indonesia, especially in Java, it is familiar with the scrapings when you feel unwell. The practice of medicine is known since the days of our fathers, but so far have not found literature about the origins of scrapings. scrapings Such methods are also known in other countries, such as in China (I sha), Vietnam (cao GIO), and Cambodia (goh kyol) .

A professor from the Faculty of Medicine, University of March (UNS) Solo Professor Gunawan Tamtomo Educate interested in studying the benefits of scrapings. The study was conducted during 2003-2005. "scrapings is local knowledge. My patient stated, if not scrapings, not satisfied, "said Didik, early April in Solo. At the outset, Educate quantitative and qualitative surveys.The result, of 390 respondents aged 40 years and over who returned a questionnaire, almost 90 percent said scrapings as "cold".

 Educate the respondent is the patient, neighbors, and traders in the market. The respondents believed the benefits of scrapings to cure "a cold". term "cold" is not really known in the medical world. Refers to the state colds flatulence, headache, mild fever and muscle aches. scrapings in Indonesia usually use a coin or flat blunt instrument that is moved in the skin repeatedly using oil as a lubricant. No damage In the second stage, making Didik themselves as objects of research. 

He then hands the biopsied curry, which was a bit of skin tissue epidermisnya (epidermis) for microscopic examination. "During this time it was thought, people are often scraped off the skin will be damaged, enlarged pores of his skin, or blood vessel rupture. However, the results of the anatomic pathology laboratory UNS showed no broken skin or broken blood vessels, but only the blood vessels to widen, "said Didik. Widening of blood vessels allow blood to flow smoothly and the supply of oxygen in the blood increases. Detached epidermis as well as scrubs. 

Increases endorphin is the final phase of the study of biomolecular research, the blood of people who do not scrapings and scrapings. Students collected a number of people with similar conditions, such as weight, age, and were in pain as one of the characteristic "cold". All respondents were women because they are considered more like scrapings than men. The respondents were divided into two groups and underwent blood tests. The first group was then scraped off, while the second group did not. All respondents then checked his blood again. There are four things that were observed, namely changes in levels of endorphins, prostaglandins, interleukins, and complement C1 and C3. As a result, the levels of endorphins, the people who scraped up significantly.

 An increase in endorphins made ​​them uncomfortable, the pain goes away, more fresh, and vibrant. prostaglandin levels down.Prostaglandin is a fatty acid compound which, among others, serves to stimulate contractions of the uterus and other smooth muscle, and can lower blood pressure, regulate gastric acid secretion, body temperature, and a number of hormones affect the work. On the other hand, these substances cause muscle pain. Decreased levels of prostaglandins to decrease muscle pain. "The change of complement C3, C1, and interleukin describing the inflammatory reaction is not significant," said Didik.

 He suggested, scrapings should be started from top to bottom on the right and left of the spine, followed by lateral stripes on the back of the left and right. Pengerok tool is held 45 degrees to now rubbing against the skin is not too sore. One of the elements in the scrapings in favor of treatment is the emotional connection between people and people who scrape scraped. "My mother tells her son that curry is an element in the biopsychosocial treatment that is now promoted in modern medicine," said Didik.

The scrapings as a useful local knowledge to get a sense of comfort and relieve muscle pain. However, as with drugs, not good if excessive.
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