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This is the Traditional Medicine Cupping Periphery Road Makes Goosebumps

International Alhijamah Therapist Association - www.i-ata. org. - Cupping is a treatment technique or hijamah by throwing dirty blood (harmful toxins) from the body through the surface of Al Hijamah kulit.Perkataan istilahbahasa derived from Arabic: Hijama (حجامة) which means the release of dirty blood . Whereas in English is called  cupping , and in the Malay language is known as  cupping . In Indonesia the term also known as headers or cantuk

By doing a suction / vacuum negative pressure is formed in the cup / head resulting in drainage of excess body fluids (blood soiled) and toxins, removing adhesions / adhesion of connective tissue and blood will flow "clean" the surface of the skin and muscle tissue as well as the stagnant stimulate the peripheral nervous system.

Hijamah / bruise / cupping / Blood letting / header / chantuk and many other terms has been known since ancient times, the kingdom of Sumer, then continue to grow until the Babylonians, Egyptians, Saba, and Persia. At the time of the Prophet, he used a glass cup or bowl height.
In the days of ancient China they call hijamah as the "horns of care" for the horn to replace the glass. In the span of the 18th century (the 13th century AH), the people in Europe use the leech as a means to hijamah. At one time, 40 million leeches were imported to the country of France for that purpose. Dilaparkan leeches without food. So when anchored in the human body, he will continue to suck the blood had to be effective.Once full, he did not try again to move and continue to fall and then end the ceremony hijamahnya.

An herbalist Ge Hong (281-341 AD) in his book A Handbook of prescriptions for Emergencies use animal horns for cupping / issue boils called the technique "jiaofa", while in the Tang Dynasty, cupping is used to treat pulmonary tuberculosis. In the span of the 18th century (the 13th century AH), the people in Europe use the leech (al 'alaq) as a tool to bruise (known as the Leech Therapy) and is still practiced up to now.

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