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Honey Benefits for Pregnant Women - Honey benefits for pregnant women, has proven to be good. Honey contains folic acid, which is an essential nutrient for fetal growth. Folic acid is an essential nutrient for fetal growth. This substance (folic acid) are needed in early pregnancy because it forms the fetus or baby is born later do not have the nerve vascular defects. So it is clear that a very good honey consumed by pregnant women.

The ancient tradition of the land of China, good honey is used to help facilitate the birth process. This is done by making honey partially liquid at a concentration level of the muscle with 80%. Experts at the Chinese know that pregnant women who were given honey kelahiranya process becomes easier as it helps in the process of opening the birth canal so that will be faster. This can happen because honey contains substances that can accelerate prostagelandine contractions of the uterus and cervix to dilate.

In addition to the above benefits, honey is also beneficial for pregnant women in terms of:
1. Reduce nausea during pregnancy
2. Increase appetite for pregnant women
3. To protect the fetus from poisoning

For Indonesia in general, honey can also help mothers during childbirth undergo periods. Provision of honey at this point is very important because honey has a high nutrient and boost the immune system when nursing mothers. Therefore it is advisable to consume honey every day during the puerperium. It was widely recommended by many doctors in Japan.
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