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Cupping For Disease Stroke

Perform steps Hijama in stroke patients: 

  1. Decide first, what types of strokes include bleeding (Hemorrhagic stroke) or the type of blockage (ischemic stroke).
  2. When including the type of blockage, then wait at least 24 hours after the first occurrence of stroke, until the patient's condition is stable, the new must-intervention. Current medical treatment is still being done
  3. When including the type of bleeding, then wait at least 7 days after the first occurrence of stroke, until the patient's condition is stable, the new must-intervention. Currently patients require treatment and Inpatient Hospital, so that medical treatment should not be abandoned.
  4. Determine what type of flaccid strokes (lemes, deficiency), or spastic type (rigid, tense).Bekamlah appropriate type.
  5. For the rehabilitative phase, or a few weeks after the patient is stable, cupping can be done to restore the function of the body, and was also physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation program.
  6. In patients with hemorrhagic stroke,
a. Pick a general point and the first main point (choose one, alternately). 
• Point Umm Mughits. 
• Point Akhda'aini. 
• Point Qomahduwah. 
• Point Kahil. 
• Point Yafukh, 
• Point Hundred Meetings. 
b. Take the point of the arm. 
• The point of the elbow bone 
• Point the arm muscles 
• The point of the shoulder bone 
c. Take the leg points. 
• Point San Yin Ciao, 
• Point Heart, 
• Point San Lie Cu. 
• The point of The Great Stream 
d. Take the extra point 
1) when flaccid type spot. 
• life point gate (door life). 
• The main point of the kidney (associated points for kidney). 
2) If the spastic type titiknya 
• Point The wind residence (home wind). 
• Wind Point pond (wind pool). 
• Point Much abundant (abundant overflow). 
e. Take appropriate symptomatic point of patient complaints.

7. Obstruction in patients with stroke
a. Take a common point or the main point first.
• Point Umm Mughits.
• Point Kahil.
b. Take a symptomatic point or appropriate rehabilitative patient's condition.
1) Cupping point motor or sensory suit the patient's condition.
2) The shoulder-upper arm.
• Point born shoulder (shoulder bone) first,
• Point born shoulder (shoulder bone) second.
• Cupping skating from the point of the shoulder blade (shoulder born)} First, go to the point of the shoulder blade (born shoulder) both
. 3) The area of the upper arm to elbow
• The point of the elbow bone (elbow bone),
• Point San li,
• The point of the elbow bone (elbow bone), San li.
• Small Point sea,
• Cupping Point slides from the elbow bone (elbow bone), Small sea.

4) The regions forearm-wrist.
• Point outer gate (outside the door),
• Point the inner gate (door inside),

5) additional point for the upper arm bruise-forearm
• Large born point (the point of the bone),
• The point of the branch ditch (Ditch branched),
• Cupping skating from gathering point of the ancestors (ancestral meeting), to the point that luo,

6) point to the leg.
• Point San Lie Cu.
• Upper great space point (the point of the upper chamber).
• The ling Cuen point (the point on the hill springs),
• Point yin mound in the spring (spring point on the hill yin).
• bell suspended point (the point of hanging bells),
• Cupping skating from san yin ciao point (meeting point of the three yin). Welling point to bone (bone pile),
• jumping point circle (point jump spinning),
• Point fung se.
• Point the hidden rabbit (rabbit point hidden)
• The release point stream,
• Point Kidney Center (associated point for the kidney).
• Point joyful cry (happy tears),
• supporting point of the mountain (mountain advocates),
• Point kun lun,

7) point to facial paralysis (Perot).
• Point granary earth (the cellar).
• The point of the lower jaw.
• The point of the lower gate.
• Point Ying afternoon.
• The point Pi,

8) To improve the ability to speak (aphasia).
• Upper Point Star.
• The center praksia.
• The center of speech,

8. Doing Hijamah with alternatife point
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