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Galih Gumelar : Cupping/Hijama is a Necessity, Not Alternative - Let's make Hijama Sunnah - Propagation through treatment is that it is not impossible, it is precisely what H. Galih Gumelar in everyday life and routine. As a practitioner bruise or hijamah, H. Galih Gumelar bruise dedicated himself to the world since 2005 and has produced several new theories about the bruise/hijama.

B ekam/Hijama is a necessity, not an alternative, then Let's make Hijama Sunnah to our families "that were dictated H. Galih Gumelar . "Now cupping practitioners deliver much so, that the Messenger of cultural heritage is able to mushroom and become fond of routines done" he added.

B Ekam/Hijama appear not just appear, but a mandate from God Almighty delivered through the angel Gabriel to the Prophet when Isra and Mi'raj to become our habit of mankind, not just some one or group of people but to all mankind, Insya Allah, Amin ", Said H. GalihGumelar. (SRH)
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