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Cupping Benefits For Heart - Note to readers or students that if we have a body of impurities / toxic in the body, then this will cause static blood (blood clotting-pen), in which the blood system is not running smoothly. 

Well this situation little by little will certainly disturb our mental and physical health. So sometimes we will feel lazy, moody, often complain less healthy, easily bored, and always feel depressed. It will be even worse where emotionally disturbed person, if there is a lot of wind in the blood that issued difficult, so it may just need to get more attention.

Therefore Oelh lovers that static blood must be handled in a way removed from the body. Well for bloodletting was only a few static methods are able to do them is the most powerful proven bruise

Very we know from hadith-hadit bruise that "Prophet berbekam requires his people in every month (Qomariyah) is from 17 to 21 per month, or at least once in a lifetime.

Why is that, this is because "He's throwing the dirty blood, ease your body and sharpen eyesight"

God specializes month in a year that is the month of Ramadan to purify human Spiritual shaum air. So should we purify our physical CUPPING/HIJAMA, in preparation for Ramadan. So that we can share our life energy as a Muslim obeying Allah and His Messenger. 

If the body is protected from bad blood including for routine sediment released by cupping therapy, then the performance of the heart that pumps blood to light, so that the health and life of the heart will be the longer and avoid the disruption and even disease.

"Cupping is very beneficial to the heart, relieve it works, prolong life, and diseases of the heart" Reveal H. Galih Gumelar, ST, M.Si Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Cupping therapist. (SRH)
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