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H. Galih Gumelar: If you or a family Suffer Heart Disease And Berbekamlah

BekamJantung - By knowing the tremendous benefits of cupping, it is no denying the benefits and efficacy of cupping. From the review of penerapis bruise H. Galih Gumelar proved that the bruise is very effective for treating at least reduce heart disease.

H. Galih Gumelar which have many heart disease patients say: "The heart is the main pump our bodies, if we pump a lot of mud or many darh dirty, then we will underlayer pump, jammed even broken"

"To avoid it then cupping is Goog for heart" he added.

So for anyone affected by a disease or disorder of the heart then there is no harm in H. Galih Gumelar for education hijamah or bruise to the heart of him.

H. Galih Gumelar, practice every Saturday and Sunday, for information please just contact 021-70522100. (RB)
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