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Hijamah Learning To Treat Heart Disease - Students And Readers, from various sources was in know how cupping/hijama works on the heart. With the stimulation of cupping can cause the formation of nitric oxide compounds (NO), these compounds are beneficial to the heart and other diseases. 

Besides the formation of other compounds in the process of bloodletting, could cause a reduction in blood viscosity which is very often found in patients with cardiac disorders. Nitrite Oxide NO or substance that enlarges blood vessels (vasodilator).

Pupils or readers, please note that the treatment of heart requires a very large cost, even when it is not just enough cupping done 1-2 times pembekaman, from source H. Galih Gumelar (Chairman of the Indonesian Association of cupping therapist) pointed out that hijamah for heart disease kronisk what else should be done at least once a month according sunah Apostle even 2-3 times a month for chronic.

If readers want to learn cupping for heart disease, both for myself, my wife and kids, husband or parents, relatives and even family general, please follow education in hijamah, later on here will be taught how hijamah technique for patients diseases or disorders of the heart.

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