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Disposing Toxins With Cupping Or Hijama

Ustadz Galih Gumelar, ST, Msi. 

Did you know that many toxic body your body??? 
The answer is yes, every person is toxic in the body.
Toxic caused by failure of the digestive organs to break down and digest food optimally. Basically nutritious food can be poison or toxic each time it is consumed. If it fails parsed through the production of enzymes that exact quantities of nutrients consumed.

This requires the presence of toxic decomposition and neutralization process that requires a double effort of an organ, especially the intestines. If it could not be neutralized, it will be retained and eventually get into the blood system to the future more harm.

How to remove toxins more effectively?
The answer is cupping that is a treatment that is more effective and has no side effects.

Just look at the picture of this patient's blood, the blood of toxic bertoksid or blackish color. If on leave will invite different types of disease in our bodies in the future. Thus the treatment of cupping his deep berbekamlah Sunnah for Muslims.
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