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Galih Gumelar: Education and Training Improves Quality Therapis Cupping / Hijama - Many graduates of the Education Foundation of Sustainable Galih Gumelar follow cupping education and training with Galih Gumelar, ST, M.Si, so the more the feel of how education and training boondoggle join this bruise.

The student or students of education not only of akalangan layman who wants to learn cupping both for private practice or to menerapi / treat family and yourself, but a lot of cupping therapy which has long been the practice even has a lot of patients come in and participate in education or training bruise Galih Gumelar in 

Many brands want to deepen cupping methods, especially methods of cupping learning style is supposedly Ustadz Galih Gumelar different from other audiences and could determine the disease of cupping.

"Education and training bruise not only as a venue for prestige, but here we can share with each other on the progress of both of cupping therapy methods, tools, type up how cupping can be the most effective treatment and blessing the world hereafter" Reveal Galih Gumelar as found after teaching participants perform cupping therapy training education of Pekalongan and Sukabumi.
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