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Galih Gumelar Providing New Techniques Secret Diagnose Disease With Cupping Therapy - With the increasing number of experts bruise around us, then you should be getting a lot of findings that could advance the world and cupping can be useful to society at large. 

It is that we should be proud of, that there are cupping therapists who are already familiar names in the world of cupping, he is H. Galih Gumelar. Are proud to penerapis cupping the other is his secret now revealed a new technique to diagnose the disease with cupping.

From its site in , H. Galih Gumelar stated that "  cupping can be used to diagnose disease, h acyl we found approximately 90% accurate and can be proven by all penerapi bruise everywhere to practice it. "  

Thus there is a new study on how to diagnose the disease with cupping Ala H. Galih Gumelar.Hopefully he can share with others so that cupping cupping penerapis more can be useful for people and communities in umumnya.particularly learners in

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