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Getting Rid of Hair Lice Quickly - hair lice, ehmmmm??? hearing alone was amused, Animashaun little hehehe, maybe for you or most people who have problems with head lice so miserable is not it? and your hair feel uncomfortable at all, so we where where to scratch the scalp, this usually head scratching can also cause new problems, which will scalp wounds and eventually will experience skin irritation.

Actually, if the cause of the hair lice ? One of the biggest factors people have lice problem is lack rajinan we take care of the crown body (hair) you should have to routinely wash with shampoo at least 2 days, but if you can every shower so your hair really clean.
Getting Rid of Hair Lice
Getting Rid of Hair Lice Quickly
Given that, then the hair will be easily contracted by people who had previously had a lice problem. lice then it will be more membanyak with new eggs. Therefore, you always try treating your hair well it wears shampoo, conditioner wear, or with natural hair care .

But if you have not done hair care with the right and be the first to get into trouble you have lice, you can take a minute to read trick-tips-healthy hair: Getting Rid of Lice naturally below. And of course I hope that there are ways to deal with complaints under your hair.

Here are six ways to eliminate head lice naturally that you can try at home.

Before the modern era, there is no cure as it is today, our predecessors (our ancestors) usually get rid of lice with the help of natural ingredients that onion red.

The way is as follows:
Prepare approximately 5 cloves of red onion
Then puree onion that we prepared earlier, until the onion finely benar2
After a smooth take and onion oleskanlah was kearea base of the hair (scalp)
Massage, massage the base of your hair slowly and evenly
And let stand for a moment, about the herb onion until it actually seep in your scalp.
Shampooing the hair with shampoo and water.

White Vinegar
Substances contained in the white vinegar is useful to prevent the hair from the presence of new fleas hatching eggs, so that white vinegar is good for you to use to clean your scalp area.

As for how their utilization:
Prepare white vinegar to taste
Then apply white vinegar kearea scalp (hair root) you evenly
Please allow approximately 2 should not be washed or one and a half hour late
Rinse your hair with clean water.
Do this until all lice eggs disappear.

Coconut Oil 
To eliminate head lice we can also use coconut oil   as for its methods are as follows:
Prepare the coconut oil of course
Take a taste and base of the hair or rub into your skin evenly
Then cover your hair using a plastic shower cap or towel dry.
Let stand about 5 or 6 hours
Clean your hair with shampoo
Now you will see the results with the collapse of the fleas existing hair on the head when combing.

Lemon and Eucalyptus Oil
How to apply:
Prepare eucalyptus oil and lime juice
Combine both ingredients one tablespoon each, or as much between eucalyptus oil and lemon juice.
Stir until evenly both materials
Use the mixture to massage the base of your hair, massage evenly plus of course.
Then cover your head with a plastic shower cap about 1 hour late
And wash your hair with shampoo (kramas)
Comb the hair so that there dirambut eggs fall
Do this 2-3 times a week or until the lice disappeared completely.

Prepare about 10 grains of almonds
Then soak a few minutes earlier and almond puree.
Add about 4 tablespoons Lemok
Stir both ingredients like pasta dingga
Then apply to the base of the hair
Let stand about 2 or 1 hour and Wash your hair.

With Comb Serit
With comb serit you can snare or take lice from the hair easier, because only a serit kerambut just ran a comb, comb have different densities with comb usual. But this does not comb can remove fleas as a whole and complete but can be used as an alternative reduce your hair lice.

Well that's a little trick-tips-healthy hair: How to Eliminate Lice , select one of the ways that you think is most convenient to work at home, hopefully this article can be useful for many people, and wait for my articles which further heheh. Good luck!
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