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How Sterilization Cupping Tool Manually

International Al-Hijama Therapist Association - After cupping tool is used, then for reusable instruments must be cleaned and sterilized bruise. The sterilization process is very important for maintaining hygiene tool cupping. Moreover, it involves the expenditure of blood cupping which is actually a very risky transmit the disease. Therefore, proper sterilization process is absolutely essential and true existence. In this article we will share about  how cupping instrument sterilization  and proper way of cupping economical means of sterilization.

The purpose of Sterilization
1.Membunuh germs (viruses or bacteria) bloodborne previous patients.
2.Membersihkan tool from traces of blood and olive oil used in cupping.
How Sterilization Equipment Cupping:
1.Kop already used soaked in a solution of NaClO (Chlorine) 5% and water at a ratio of 1 part chlorine and 9 parts water. Chlorine bleach can be obtained from the clothing sold in the market as bayklin, soklin bleach or proklin.
2. Soak letterhead for at least 15 minutes for former patients who do not suffer from diseases such as hepatitis virus, herpes or HIV-or at least 24 hours to patients with viral diseases. In this case before cupping required to ask the patient's medical history.
3. Kop then washed using something like Sunlight dish detergent or mama lemon, squeeze.
3. Drain and soak in hot water header + / - 5 minutes and then removed and 
4. Kop sprayed a solution of 70% alcohol and dry using paper towels.
5. Kop ready to be used, if it will save to a protected area.
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