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What are the dangers Blood Cupping According to H. Galih Gumelar Therapis Cupping and Herbal

IAHTA.ORG - Cupping trend has now become one of the treatment centers and more and more also are studying cuping or hijamah this. When encountered in, H. Galih Gumelar states that do not mess with blood bruise bruise or waste, because there are procedures to be followed and in the know "Obviously.

Blood that has been issued from the patient's body, if it is outside the body then be regarded as waste, it can enter the blood libah dala unclean categories, cupping therapis therefore should be equipped with various facilities that can anticipate from blood exposed to bruise.

And the more excellent by H. Galih Gumelar "not all patients safe blood, even the blood could have contained infectious disease, therefore any therapis cupping should pay attention to correct this, besides vigilant not to transmit the disease from a patient to b pasein caused us "he added. (SRH).
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