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Discount 50%For Education And Training Following Cupping During July 2014

International Al-Hijama Therapist Association  - With the increasing number of participants and the number of alumni education cupping education and a successful practicing cupping therapy to the patient, without reducing the quality of education, Education and  Training cupping  which is implemented on a Sunday morning during July 2014 there was an additional promo for the pesertanya.Ikuti Education and Training Cupping in July 2014.

The promo is Free or Free Membership IAHTA Over 5 Years with Cupping Training Education Program Following July   2014.

Learning cupping is done directly in  or .

Education and training system cupping uses CATAT (Fast - Safe - Right - Natural - Integrated) which in initiated by Ustadz H.  Galih Gumelar , ST, M.Si (International Cupping therapist) so that even in the short time study participants were able to master the treatment Cupping and able to practice professionally.

Education and  training bruise  in  July  2014, there are a variety of package options education, either with the system remotely (online). Investments start from 400 USD just 200 USD for education and training cupping online (remotely).

Participant Facility:
  • Modul soft copy (Power Point, Word, PDF, Video, Dll)
  • Using the method  CATAT (Cepat-Aman-Tepat-Alami-Terpadu)- (Fast - Safe - Exactly - Experience - Integrated), so participants / santris can become a member of cupping therapy really beneficial.
  • Curriculum accurate
  • Audio-visual presentation modules, power point, video, Microsoft Word and PDF.
  • Certificate of Membership of  the International Al-Hijamah Therapist Association  Over 5 Years, worth 100 USD ,-useful as a reference recommendation permit exclusion bruise. (Valid during the month of June 2014 / Promo Early Years)
  • Certificate of Education and  Training Cupping  of  IAHTA  and
  • Cupping therapists trained by experienced and have many patients
  • To be guided (free consultation at any time until after education)
  • Direct incoming data base cupping therapists Indonesia on site  IAHTA  (Cupping therapist ties International)
  • Guaranteed to practice cupping with all its advantages.

For education and  training bruise  in  or  Iahta  please contact us at +6221-70522100 or +6287871749872 or by email at @

For those who want to participate in education and training cupping online (remotely) please register through  the online registration form here.

Can secured Cupping Therapy Practice, Alhadulillah proven ....

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