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Body Not Easy Sign Wind Again After Doing Cupping Therapy Cupping Center On By Ustadz Galih Gumelar -  Cupping  which is now the main treatment and therapy, has a lot to prove keberkahannya in treating and curing various diseases with the permission of Allah. 

One disease that is very common and can disappear with therapy  cupping  is frequent colds diseases. Many patients who come for treatment to Cupping Center complained about this disease, when it was scraped, has been drinking herbal medicine, has been taking medicine but still wind does not go away, even increased.

"Wind in the body does not work by drugs but should be disposed manually, and if not disposed of it will continue to grow-grow which will consequently lead to serious illness in the body, ranging from fever, muriang, sore, exhausted sluggish even until the blockage is capable of causing strokes and rheumatism, "said Ustadz Galih Gumelar as found in Cupping Center  when practice. 

when responding to a statement cleric Galih Gumelar, and whether  cupping  is the best method to catch a cold." when colds only a common cold or still in categories of normal, God willing, with scrapings or drinking ginger or heating can be stopped, but if the wind is in the body has been in a long time and in a certain time is also not issued / treated, then  cupping  is the best therapy to remove the wind in the body , wind long in tubuhlah that today many make the young fell stroke "said Usatdz Galina. 

He also" When therapy  cupping  has been committed against them are often cold then Inshallah habits scrapings, drinking cold medicine and so will not be required again, because by doing bruise for colds, immune be increased so that the agency / body does not easily catch cold again " 

so if so very worthwhile once  bruise  healing and against wind. 

Source: 2012/07 / entity-not-in-the-wind again-setelah.html
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