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Benefits Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia Overcoming 72 Kinds of Diseases

The benefits of Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia therapy cupping or cupping has been chosen by the people to overcome the disease. Treatment by removing toxins in the blood is able to overcome the 72 kinds of diseases.

Cupping or alhijamah / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia is a treatment technique by throwing dirty blood or harmful toxins from the body through the skin surface. Alhijamah words derived from Arabic which means the release of impure blood. The term is derived from the Malay language bruise. In Indonesia, this alternative treatment is also known by the term letterhead or cantuk. Glance bruise was creepy because it looks bleeding under the skin. When in fact it's not scary. In cupping therapy, blood taken is the blood in the dermis (cuticle) and not of the blood vessels.
There are two type of Cupping Therapy

In Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia therapy are two types, cupping dry and wet cupping. Mamfaat dry cupping is to relieve pain in an emergency. Can also be used to ease the aching muscles of his back for rheumatic pain and backache. Dry Cupping is good for people who can not stand the injection needles and fear the sight of blood. Dibekam skin will appear red blackish for 3 days. Dry cupping is done by sucking the surface of the skin and massage the surrounding area without removing the dirty blood.

While the wet cupping done after dry cupping. So after dry cupping, we injure the surface of the skin with sharp needles, and surrounding inhaled by cupping tool set and a hand pump to remove impure blood from the body. The duration of each suction 3 to 5 minutes and a maximum of 9 minutes. Then the dirty blood is discarded. exploitation of not more than 7 times. Dirty blood in the form of dark red blood and bubbly. During the 3 hours after the bruise, bruised skin that it should not be splashed with water.

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia treatment is not difficult, just so you know the location of the disease points insyaallah can do cupping therapy. According to the theory of cupping, there are more than 350 points in the human body. But in medical practice only 12 main points that have been harshly touch treatment, namely in the area of ​​the neck, head, waist, chest and legs. At the head there are three main points: one point and two points ummu mughits qomahduah.

Umm mughits on the head of a major point cupping, which is also the meeting point of hundreds throughout the body, such as vertigo, polyps, ear nerve disorders, skin diseases, depression, until the interference of black magic or witchcraft.
Overcoming Illness Benefit Cupping Light Up Weight

While the back of the neck part, precisely between the hair and ears, there is a point quamahduah. "Qomahduah and ummu mughits point is a point that has always worked in a therapy. Touch on another point required in accordance with the patient's complaints, "cupping can treat almost all diseases. " Prophet Muhammad hinted that cupping can treat 72 kinds of diseases , from severe such as stroke, liver, kidney, heart, asthma, high blood pressure, cholesterol, to mild, such as colds,"

For severe disease, cupping process can not be done once, but many times. This is due to the healing process of this therapy gradually. So once therapy is instantly healed. However, any treatment should be gradual, not once treated immediately healed. Special stroke patients, new patients when attacked directly dibekam stroke. The points are cupped also not just located in the back, but also on the feet and hands. Cupping is not only done if already ill. A healthy person can be in cupping, so that his body could remain fresh or to maintain stamina.

Lifestyle of today's society, the less healthy, so stamina is decreased and fell ill. "Eating foods that contain preservatives, dyes, or fast food, pollution, unwittingly already make the body unhealthy, and resulted in a buildup of toxins in the body. These toxins can be removed through cupping ". Many benefits can be obtained even though the patient is not experiencing a particular illness that requires treatment. "After cupping, so smooth blood circulation and increases the body's immunity so because of dirty blood has been discarded."

Nevertheless, cupping should not be done in a period which is nearby. Most fast once a month. "Because of this bruise suck stamina," That's why, not just anyone can do cupping therapy. Children under 3 years old, the elderly and people with low blood are not recommended because they do not have a good stamina. "That is why, ideally before cupping, patients should check blood pressure and blood sugar tests beforehand. if the blood sugar levels above 500 to 700 then avoid wet cupping "

Natural treatments such as cupping, is believed to have no side effects than treatment with drugs kimia.effect arising after Cupping is usually a bit feverish. "Actually this is not a side effect, but rather on the reaction of the body becomes a little fever or slight nausea. That is because the body adapts returned after the liberation of the blood that had been blocked. And because siphon stamina, after cupping is recommended to not engage in intercourse for two days. Stamina in order to quickly return, patients are advised to consume honey and drink sweet drinks "

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