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This He Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia For Health Benefits dots Specific Body Parts

IAHTA - Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia is a kind of therapy and alternative medicine popular in Indonesian society today. Cupping therapy is the treatment of health through spending bad blood in the skin layer. For those of you who have never been this therapy, would sound so painful but apparently cupping therapy has many benefits of its own to health. Well, want to know what are the benefits of cupping? Below is an explanation.

Actually there are two kinds of cupping therapy, including cupping dry and wet cupping. Dry Cupping is usually performed on someone who is afraid of blood and injections, by membekam skin to appear red and dusky up to 3 days, then suck the skin and massaged in the surrounding area. While the wet bruise after bruise itself performed dry. Wet Cupping is usually wearing a sharp needle to be able to issue a bad blood on the body through at the bruise.

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia Benefit For Body Health

benefits Cupping

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia is a medical therapy to cure various diseases. With cupping therapy is already so long known in Indonesian society in particular. There are many benefits for health bruise that can be generated through this cupping therapy. Actually there are as many as 350 points typically are used in cupping therapy. However, from some point there was only 12 points the most commonly used in this cupping therapy, including three in the head, neck, chest, legs and waist.

There are a number of diseases that can be cured by cupping therapy, including depression, heart disease, skin disease, neurological disorders, vertigo, kidney failure, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, and so forth. Because of these benefits, often many people are choosing alternative healing with this cupping therapy than go to the hospital. For cupping therapy is not only more practical, but also does not require a lot of funds to do so.

Usually the disease is categorized as mild, such as for example, back pain, sore skin and so on, then simply do cupping therapy a few times, which is 1 times a month maximum. As for treating severe diseases, then cupping therapy needs to be done repeatedly with routine, until the disease is completely cured. DI where various kinds of disease certainly require recovery time varies.

Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia Benefits For Heart

Benefits bruise to the heart itself was remarkable. As we know, the cause of the heart attack that high cholesterol levels found in blood and clog the blood flow in either toward or away from the heart. Thus, using this method of cupping therapy, the blood is dirty with cholesterol content in it can be removed, so that it can help to minimize and eliminate the bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Benefits of Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia For Head

Cupping therapy in the head can provide benefits that are so incredible. As for some of the benefits bruise to the head is able to treat migraines, overcome dizziness, cure vertigo, cure stroke, overcome the interference of magic, overcoming dental pain, overcome Parkinson normalize hypertensive disorders, educate the brain, improving concentration, treat disease in the nose, ears and eyes and so forth.

Benefits Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia For Face

In addition to the head and the heart, not a few people also do a bruise on her face. The benefits of this facial cupping them can cope with acne, lifting the bacteria on the face and nourish the skin on the face with the blood circulation to the skin. The benefits of cupping next face can make your skin healthier, brighter and radiant.

So, for those of you who want to have a healthy body and beautiful skin, then the alternative cupping therapy can be your choice!

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