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Why do we have to do Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia ?

IAHTA -  healthy body and a sharp mind is an important factor in an individual's life for the sake of carrying out the responsibilities of life them.But if too much dirt / toxic will cause the Static Blood (Blood Blockage), in which the blood system is not running smoothly. This situation will gradually disrupt a person's physical and mental health. As a result, a person will feel lazy, moody, often complain less healthy, easily bored, and always feel depressed.

It will be even worse where someone will be emotionally disturbed, if there are a lot of wind in the blood that is hard to be issued so that should receive psychiatric care.

Thus Static Blood should be removed by any means, just a bruise which can act emit toxic-toxic it quickly, so our bodies are not weak and vulnerable to various diseases.

Rasulullah SAW : Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia requires his people in every month ie from the 15th until the 21st of the month Qomariah, or at least once in a lifetime. The benefit Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia: remove the dirty blood, ease the body and sharpens .

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW IN Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia

* Practice Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia  must go through formal training danpraktikal sufficient with guidance from those who have experienced or expert.

* Before Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia others feel with membekam yourself.

* For starters do not ever do a bruise without the supervision of an expert.

* Before doing Cupping did Preliminary Examination or diagnoses such as blood pressure, pulse, face, tongue, hands, etc.

EQUIPMENT Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia

In this age of the Prophet, he used the glass in the form of high-cup or bowl.

In ancient China they call Cupping as "Horn Care" for horn replaces the glass.

In the period of 18th century European people use leeches as a tool Cupping / Hijama / Kavaa / Baguanfa / Ventosaterapia.

There is also the use of glass or reed, but this technique requires fire to evaporate these instruments to obtain a vacuum state.

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