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Follow Education or Training Hijama Online in January 2018

Follow education or training Hijama Online in January 2018. Please contact us at HP / WA +6287808999682 or via email at the email address:

Sign up to follow Hijama Education and Training Primary And Or Advanced during January 2018.

Additional info can be via email and web : or and get Hijama techniques CATAT methods in the idea and found by Galih Gumelar which came into use many penerapis Hijama shown telling the International and diagnose diseases through Hijama

Education and training are now widely followed many of the participants at home and abroad, is simple not limited distances and can practice. Hijama learn helpful for myself and family.

Education and training benefits this could Hijama for professional practice and be able to treat or cure sick siblings with Hijama therapy. As well as to upgrade the therapist Hijama of ordinary Hijama become therapists "Method Hijama CATAT"

Education and training package options Hijama:

  1. - Basic Education Hijama
  2. - Education Hijama Basic Plus Advanced Hijama

Advantages for education and training participants:

  1. - Education and training modules
  2. - Education and training certificate
  3. - IAHTA membership certificate for a 5-year membership.

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