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Age Can Be Hijama?

IAHTA - many patients even readers asked what kind of age that should be given cupping therapy.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Bekam Therapists, H. Galih Gumelar, ST, M.Si said that: "bruise can be done at all ages by looking at the bruise method done, wet bruise between ages 5 - maximum age, dry brush can be aged 3 - maximal age, cupping of pull can be aged 2 - maximal age, with note of toddler toddler hardness in limitation, and usually useful to throw wind only, while cupping skate can be done from age 5 - maximal age, but this depends on circumstance body and disease or complaints in the suffering of patients ". 

"In essence bruise is safe to do in almost all ages but with a situational method" Add H. Galih Gumelar.

So cupping can be done between the ages of 3 years to unlimited age depending on the state of the patient's physical condition.
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