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Can Hijama Cure Stroke?

IAHTA - The question of whether cupping or hijama can cure or treat a disease or a stroke complaint? a lot of questionable to Hijama Centre and IAHTA. This will be answered directly by a bruising / hijama therapist who has many stroke handles.

Galih Gumelar, "for a mild stroke just under 1-2 months can usually be directly or quickly healed with hijmah, but for pasaien a long stroke usually must be done regularly hijama regularly, because of the long-term effects of stroke experienced.

"Every stroke sufferers must comply with what is recommended hijama therapist, to quickly recover and even fully recovered with the permission of Allah swt. From the many people who usually suffered a stroke that has long been able to recover through the bruise / hijama with the permission of Allah by 50-80% but a mild stroke can be 98% healed through cupping therapy of course still with the permission of Allah swt, well for the least heavy weight does not increase the weight of the disease by hijama therapy "Add Galih Gumelar.

Through hijama CATAT method, H. Galih Gumelar has helped many strtoke sufferers get recovery with the power of Allah SWT, so here proves that cupping is very useful for all people with stroke.

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