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How to Become a Member IAHTA

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER OF International Alhijamah Therapist Association (IAHTA):

Without reducing the qualification to become a member of IAHTA, now become a member in IAHTA more easily that is by:

  1. IAHTA Member Certificate can be given to Individual (Therapis), Institution Name (Place of Practice), and Company.
  2. Registering ON-Line on IAHTA Site ( Click Here For Members List )
  3. Attach a copy of identity, ID / SIM / Passport by attach Number only.
  4. Attach photo of practice / photo when practice and curriculum vitae via email or mail to specified address.
  5. Attach a declaration stating that can be wrecked or practice cupping, sent via email or post, or come directly.
  6. Pay the IAHTA Membership Certificate (not IAHTA Expertise) certificate and annual fee of 35 USD, - (for membership for one year) or 100 USD , - (for membership for 5 years). Membership fee payment can be through the transfer  of membership fee of IAHTA Membership To BCA Account with Number: (Please contact Us)
  7. For membership card renewal is charged 25 USD - / year. (this renewal payment applies to terminated members and will renew membership)
  8. IAHTA Membership Certificate is issued electronically protected by UU ITE 2008 and will be sent by member's active email. For Evidence Test of IAHTA Certificate Validation can be seen at 
  9. IAHTA Membership Electronic Certification is A-4 size and can be printed and reproduced as needed and can be installed in place of Practice, Website, Blog and Practice Advertising as evidence of IAHTA membership.
  10. For more information please contact us via  HP / WA at: 087808999682 or email:
  11. Or come Directly to DPP IAHTA Address: Graha Glest, Jl. Utama Ujung 334 Komplek PDK Cipondoh Indah Tangerang City Banten Indonesia
  12. To register for IAHTA members and get IAHTA Member Certificate please Click here (please follow the sign of continue to see registration step on the registration form menu)
  13. If the slow / heavy registration link is  opened, please register manually by downloading or filling the form in the following link (Form Manual) , after the Form is filled in, please diprim back to email address
  14. To get a Certificate of Expertise Therapists Cupping International Alhijamah Therapist Association  please Click Here
HOW TO GET THE COVERT OF EXPERT CERTIFICATE OF International Alhijamah Therapist Association  (IAHTA): (Please Click here)

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