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Is The Hijama Dangerous ?

Is the bruise / Hijama / Bekam is dangerous ?, that is still widely questioned many people, either learning cupping / hijama or society in general.

Galih Gumelar: "Cupping / hijama is the legacy of Rasulullah SAW, with various sabdanya alone we can conclude cupping / hijama is the best treatment, the danger of cupping / hijama is only in the strelilization of equipment alone, the impact of injections / incisions, head-an, the point is all very safe though extreme anything so in principle cupping / hijma is harmless and safe up to 98% ".

That's what experts say the National Cupping and experts cupping the method CATAT. Galih Gumelar: "Of the thousands of people who have been held since 2004 there has been no negative effects from the bruises / hijama, and from the study of the bracket training participants, only the blistered effects of bleeding (occasionally occurring on the skin) are sometimes encountered in participants still first studied, if the wrecking is generally rare this effect is found ".

"If the cupping / hijama wants to be safe, well should every patient have his own tool, and the striking of the cupping / hijama equipment should be completely awake, then the danger of hijama / cupping can be 0% of 98%" Add Galih Gumelar.
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