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Cupping / HIjama Can Be Done Anytime Match Situation And Needs

IAHTA - Cupping / HIjama Can Be Done Anytime Match Situation And Needs, Cupping Center - Lover and penyapis bekam and society in general, many oprang asked when cupping is best done, may the morning, noon, night and any day and anytime is the best.

If we take sunna then bruise is done on 17,19,21 month of hijriah, but according to H. Galih Gumelar, ST, M.Si: "bruise can be done anytime needs with situational character, but if not forced because sitasionalnya then cupping hijama is the best done in the morning until 11 noon and in the stomach is not satisfied ".

So cupping can be done anytime but there is time, day best hours, may be useful.
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