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So hight Blood Pressure / Hypertension Quikly Normal With Hijama

IAHTA - People with high blood pressure or hypertension usually use drugs to lower the pressure of high, even with a fairly high dose in some people. This will have an adverse effect on the body of high blood sufferers, especially for hypertension. Drinking medication is just going down while some time it will rise again, because the chemical drug is not a total healer but a temporary quick fix.

Many patients with high blood who seek treatment Bekam Center, with hijama hight blood pressure straight down and last long to rise again. This is according Galih Gumelar caused, if the drug is the process of immunizing the blood and body with chemistry and so on, but the bruise discharges the disease from the body that is clogging blood that causes tension to rise.

Gripping for our tension is stable, may be useful.
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