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Follow Training Cupping a Day Can Practice

Cupping If you want to learn to be able to practice this cupping therapy for yourself, your family or others, then you can join the Training / Education Cupping.,  Bekam Center   and IAHTA :
"Quick Direct Cupping Training Can"

Training materials :
Introduction to Public Health
Introduction to Ethics and Health Sciences
History Cupping
Law and Hadith Cupping
Anatomy of the Body
Brain Anatomy and Function
Cupping Methods and Techniques
Cupping Point
Blood Cupping
Cupping Equipment and Supplies

Old Training
Training lasts for half - 1 day.

Daily Basic Training Investment: 
50% discount  Rp. 2,000,000, -  Become  Rp. 1000.000 , - / Person (without tools) For Three Certificates 

Information Inversation: 
  • Paying the total investment cost of  education and training is  200 $ USD, - 50% discount becomes just enough to pay a total of  100 USD, -  for three certificates ( Education Certificate and IAHTA Membership Certificate   for 5 years worth 100 USD, - Valid during August 2018  ).
  • Or pay the total cost of educational investment and training for Online method of 400 $ USD, - 50% discount into a total of 200 $ USD, - get an education certificate, an  IAHTA  (International Al-Hijama Therapis Association) membership certificate  worth 100 $ USD.

Investment Basic + Advanced Training Day Can: 
  • Pay the total investment cost of  basic education and trainingplus continued: from  200 $ USD to  100 $ USD, -  
  • Get 5 Certificates: 
  •  5-Year IAHTA Membership 
  • Certificate of Basic Education
  • Advanced Education Certificate
  • Expert Certificates of Cupping IAHTA                          
  1. Trained directly By H. Galih Gumelar, ST. Msi. (Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Bekam Therapists and IAHTA) Getting three certificates: 1 Certificate Education And Training Cupping, 1 Certificate of Membership of the Association of Therapists Cupping Indonesia  (ITBI) , 1 Associate Membership Certificate Cupping International  (IAHTA)
  2. Training and Education Time Every Saturday at 1:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or Sunday 08.00 - 12.00 WIB (or according to the agreement if possible) Softcopy Papers Regarding Cupping Treatment Direct Practice.
  3. 4 Hour Insya Allah Training Time Guaranteed to Practice

Training Address: 
Graha Glest Jl. Utama Ujung 334 PDK Cipondoh Indah Complex Tangerang Banten
Contact Now Also:
Bekam Center 
Tel / HP / WA: 087808999682

or Please Visit us at  www.bekamcenter. org or
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