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Procedures For Membership

HOW TO BE A MEMBER OF International Al-Hijamah Therapist Association (IAHTA): 

Without reducing the Qualifications to be a member IAHTA, now a member of the IAHTA the Easier is by way of: 

  1. Members of IAHTA certificate can be granted to individuals (therapists), Institution (Place of social exclusion), and the Company. 
  2. Register ON-Line perform at the IAHTA website (Click Here To Register Become a Member) Attach a photocopy of your ID and ID card / driving license / passport to include numbering only. 
  3. Where the practice of attaching photos / pictures when practices and curriculum vitae via email or mail to the address specified.
  4. IATA Membership fees pay for the electronic certificate IAHTA (not a certificate of Expertise IAHTA) and annual dues for a total cost of $ 50 (USD) - for the membership for a year or $ 150 (USD) for membership for 5 years. Payment of membership fees may be through membership of IATA Sitem charge transfer to the Account Bank Central Asia (BCA) - Branch Cikokol Tangerang Indonesia with Account Number: 658-017-3053 - on behalf of Galih Gumelar - (swift Code Bank Central Asia (BCA) : CENAIDJA)
  5. For the annual renewal of membership cards cost $ 40 (USD) / year. (Payment extension applies to members of the expiration of their membership and will do an extension of membership).
  6. Certificate of Membership of IATA published electronically protected ITE Act of 2008 and will be emailed an active member. 
  7. Proof Test for Validation Certificate IAHTA can be viewed at Electronic certification of IAHTA Membership sized format A - 4 and can be printed and copied as needed and can be mounted in Practice, Website, Blog and Advertising Practice as evidence IAHTA membership.
  8. For more information obviously can contact us at +6221-70522100 or email: @ IAHTA members to sign up and get a Certificate of IAHTA Member please Click Here (please follow the signs continue to look at the menu step registration application form)
  9. If the registration link is slow / heavy opened, please register manually by downloading or filling in the following link fomulir (Forms Manual), after the form is filled, please send back to the email address @

The therapist's expertise to get the Certificate of IAHTA International Hijamah please Click Here 

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6 Juni 2014 14.49 ×

Saya dari Indonesia, Anggota ITBI, apakah saya bisa menjadi anggota IAHTA juga, terima kasih.

Congrats bro Anonim you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...